silver linings playbook

this one will be short, because i’ve just arrived in japan and have a dinner in thirty minutes.  watched silver linings playbook on the plane (and got quite drunk; but that’s nothing new).  before actually watching the movie, i was wondering how in blue hell jennifer lawrence could have been picked over emanuelle riva for the oscars.  now that i’ve watched the movie, i’m wondering how anyone other than lawrence could possibly have had any chance.  she’s sublime.  and bradley cooper isn’t half bad either… he’s crazy good when he goes ‘loony’ (in quotation marks because the movie makes you wonder whether the joke’s on you rather than them), and all in all it makes you wonder what the hell you’ve been doing with your life (that said, if you’ve a face like a potato, chances are you aren’t gonna make it to hollywood).

so a link to youtube, and i’m off: