Seven people currently has five people. Each person curates this blog on a different day of the week, every week.

One of us had a lot of thoughts and no one to play with, so she came up with this idea for a blog as a thoughtspace where she could play with people she thought were super interesting. So she asked these people, expecting them to say no. But they said yes, and she is happy.

Chernise is one of these people. She left Singapore seven years ago for a cold, rainy island where people put raisins in their curry. Despite this and other oddities, she has grown to love Coventry, England, where she is a church worker and a fundraiser for a local children’s charity. She lives in community and believes in taking personal responsibility for changing the world — but doing it with other people. It took her 28 months of living in the UK to realise that Wales and Scotland are not next to each other. Her modern-day hero is Dorothy Day. She posts on Fridays.

Kats studied in Japan for five years.  The first two were uneventful.  The following three were full of Japanese Law modules.  Now he’s slightly cranky.  His favorite case is from the early 20th century: “Dog A (50 yen) bites Dog B (200 yen).  X, owner of B, tells Y, owner of A, to make A desist.  Y declines.  X shoots A.  Y sues X for criminal damages to property.  Court rules against Y; ‘the damage prevented is more than the damage dealt’.”   He posts on Thursdays.

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