exams ended wednesday. in the ennui that followed i remarked to an american friend over dinner, apropos of nothing, that freedom was overrated; to which the response was swift and sarcastic, and made heavy reference to my being singaporean. well, i meant to say that freedom from exams was overrated, but it’s a good lesson in how one should not speak flippantly.

now i’m in houston, waiting for tom to arrive – i think from san francisco. outside it’s raining, and it seems like the weather will stay this way all through the weekend. but most of what tom has arranged for – tickets to game 7 of the rockets-clippers playoffs, food at various places, a mahler concert at the houston symphony – are all indoors. it should all work out, though that doesn’t mean that we won’t be outdoors at all.

the writing is slow and aimless today. my mind’s a blank, save for the image of a whole crowd of families in the arrival lounge, ringing bells and waving the stars and stripes, welcoming and congratulating their military kin. the joy and relief – and the pride, too – are pure. i am ambivalent about the war, but it’s good to remember that in some contexts personal opinions should matter less.

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