lounge car

this seems like a reboot of the procrastination diaries – i.e. the diaries that i kept in my trip on the canadian from vancouver to toronto. too bad that it’s no longer on facebook. i know i have a copy of it somewhere in my computer, and perhaps i should post it on this blog sometime just so it keeps in view.

but right now i’m in the lounge car of the montreal-halifax train, where they are showing the hunger games, and where there is a queue for the bar so long i’m expecting rioting any moment now. the canadiens, i believe, have just lost, which explains the number of people who need some kind of hosing down. meanwhile there are three kids playing warcraft three in the corner, thus accounting for the ponderous pace of the wifi. at least i have wifi, i guess; but then again, a lack of wifi would have made me that much more productive, considering the 20 more pages of essays i’ve to submit in three days.

meanwhile, a short note about montreal. last i was in montreal, i was heckled three times in the course of two days – i mean rather that random people taunted me in the most random ways, but mainly for my being asian, i suspect. the taunting consisted of making funny ‘asiatic’ noises at me as i, variously, emerged from macdonalds, or the subway, or from a pub in the latin quarter. incidentally, i have never thought that to be offensive or threatening – a man that makes quacking noises could do anything else and be simultaneously more potent and less laughable. but i guess my short interactions in montreal have mostly curious.

so, to add to that, this short skirmish outside the bus station this afternoon:

man 1: give me a cigarette!
me: sorry, i don’t have any.
man 1: damnit!
man 2: speak french!
me: sorry, i don’t speak french.
man 2: damnit!
man 1: apologize to us!

for what exactly i’m still not sure, but i definitely did beat a hasty retreat. in so doing i went in the wrong direction and spent two hours walking through the streets of montreal… which is fine, i guess. redemption beckons on the 7th of march, where i’ll have a full day to roam the city again.

meanwhile, this train is inexorable, halifax in its sights.

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