daylight and sleep

the great thing about taking a long distance train ride is that you never know what to expect. sadly, that can also be the absolute worst thing about it. put simply there is no certainty except that of reaching your destination late. everything else is a lottery: where you choose to pick your seat, who sits beside you, whether he chooses to talk all night, whether he chooses to talk despite all other passengers’ signs of fatigue or insouciance, and whether he can only talk about tax avoidance and communists… well, at least he got off at moncton. so i got two hours of shuteye, the full late morning sun through the train windows and onto my drooling face.

i am eating a microwaved pizza in the lounge car and contemplating life. against all expectations i have actually finished drafts of both my papers; what is left is a half hearted run through and some proper footnoting. past that i will have to write some rather perfunctory notes on three movies related to water – which i hope to catch on my trip back from halifax, engaging the wifi in the lounge car and therefore probably causing it to crash, much to the exasperation of the multitude of youngsters on this train who somehow can get the wifi to support their game of warcraft III. and then i would have done everything i wanted to do on this trip, save starting on the group paper on iga-436. but that was always going to be aspirational. never ask too much of oneself – there might come a day where there’s utterly nothing left to ask of.

so, three more hours (i hope) to getting off at halifax, and i’m feeling pretty good with myself. the view outside is all backwoods and snow – snow in may – which makes me somewhat thankful despite all the shit that was boston this winter. it certainly would take a particular kind of person to live this far away from the equator, or maybe a person well layered and well sloshed. not sure if i’m that kind of person, really, but then again my limited experience tells me that frigid places have warmer people.

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