road trip

Trains start late from central towards ashmont/Braintree – can’t believe that there aren’t any before six in the morning. But I reached south station in one piece and in time for the greyhound so that’s alright.

Will be on the road for a full day – this bus to Montreal, and then a train to Halifax – during which time I was hoping I could finish at least one of my two papers due in three days. I’m getting carsick writing in the bus, though, and the laptop adapter keeps falling out of the socket. Taken all round it seems much wiser to just catch some rest and then worry again when I’m finally stationary and awaiting the train at Montreal.

Nonetheless, it’s a great day to be travelling. New england in the springtime sun is statuesque. No doubt it is cold out – the homeless have their hoods up and the tiny dogs of the well heeled are similarly bundled up – but from the greyhound it is a soft day, one to forget easily, but only for the kindest of reasons.

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