Sou Fujimoto and the Serpentine Gallery pavilion

first look

A couple weeks ago I was in London to visit family. Now, for some people this might be extra stressful, but my family are cool and I love them. My cousin, who’s just graduated from Newcastle Uni, is extra into modern art, so we did this whole museum crawl of exciting places that she’d read up on beforehand.

I really don’t get modern art all that often; the Serpentine Gallery had some rather odd things. This one, in particular, was quite unfathomable:

rock on top of another

Called (wait for it) ‘Rock on top of another rock’, by Fischli/Weiss, the description just had a few too many long words in it for something that simple. Hmm. Yes. Maybe I was missing something in my uncultured barbarian state.


But then there was this absolutely awesome pavilion by Sou Fujimoto, which made everything ok. So fun to climb around on and interact with. Was it ‘indoors’ or ‘outdoors’? A manmade artificial structure, or something much more natural and organic? Amazing how you could create your own experience of the structure, from above, within, different angles, and in your own head.

There were lots of people there just hanging out and enjoying the experience. Also helped by the fact that there was a Fortnum and Mason cafe inside the pavilion.

people basking

people coming in

Determined that my summer shall include more weird and wonderful things like this!

Have a weird and wonderful weekend, everyone.

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