kaohsiung (apologies again for the short post, i’ve got a train to catch)

at zuoying hsr station using the public computer, train departing in 30 minutes for taipei, and the little boy using the other public computer is playing an mmorpg which i THINK might be dota, but since when did public computers have dota installed on them?! or is this just taiwan, land of the inveterate gamers? (scratch that – his dad just crept up from behind him and booted him off his game) now i’m flanked by his dad and two dudes charging handphones… i’d say this is a first world problem, except the first world has left me far behind in terms of technology, and no dude my age goes tramping around nations trusting in the kindness of public computers. everyone’s doddling around with their ipads and whatnot; no reason to believe in public computers, and they’ll probably go the way of teletext once the insufferables like me finally surrender and pay attention to the next singtel/m1/starhub promotion.

but i have mentioned before that technology hates me, and on that front things don’t change. i’m trying to use my mom’s samsung galaxy tab 2 in taiwan. i have given up. the spot that gets stabbed by my finger hates the finger, but the spots around the stabbed spot love getting peripherally caressed. if nokia or whatever company still manufacturing keypad phones survives well into the next decade, i’ll be quite the happy man, because i’ll know then that i’m not the only shithead unable to manoeuvre an otherwise perfectly blameless gadget. meanwhile, it’s just a lot of cursing and grumbling, and a lot of reason to read actual newspapers and books, instead of getting redirected every other minute by deluded technology.

in other news – taiwan is hot. taipei is an oven, kaohsiung makes me sweat even in the airconditioned shopping centers, and at night my walking around night markets is just an exercise in dehydration (and eating far too much for my own good). this time i came was for edward’s wedding, so that’s all good – but next i decide i want to extend my vacation, i’ll give good thought to the seasons and the weather – or am i just saying this because i still have a choice in deciding when i want to take a break? next i get a chance i might already be working… and as everyone says, i’m a bloody lucky arse right now, and won’t be in a couple of years. count my blessings. and so it goes.

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