heart leaves

Life has been a lot of fun lately. Now that exams are over, the Warwick campus is full of English summer wonders, e.g. Morris dancing, and local produce markets.

morris dancing on campus

There have been opportunities to play this elegantly simple strategy game, a birthday present from my lovely housemates.

There has been time to make blueberry-lemon cake (delicious) and a beansprout banchan so addictive that I needed the intervention of my younger sister visiting to wrench it from my hands. For about three days it was perfectly acceptable to eat this banchan: for breakfast at 7.30am, for elevenses, with lunch, after lunch, throughout the afternoon, for dinner, for dessert, and in the middle of the night when you woke up thinking about it. By the way, the recipe’s not bad, but if you can, add some white rice vinegar and chilli and garlic sauce — then you’ll really get obsessive.

beansprout banchan

Coventry also had a cycling festival this past weekend, which made me realise that 1. the city does actually have a bit of a cycling culture, hooray, and 2. the bicycle industry has been among those that made Coventry’s fortunes — along with silk, ribbons, watch and clockmaking, and the manufacture of sewing machines and cars. Apparently in the 1890s most of the bicycles in the world were made here. I quite like being part of a city that actually makes stuff.

Also, how cool is this online vintage bicycle museum?

And, there has been a trip to this amazing little place in Leamington Spa. Tea, cake, and live jazz piano? Um YES YES WHY HAVE YOU NOT BEEN IN MY LIFE BEFORE YES.

Leaf piano bar

Speaking of tea, this Sunday is our church’s big family day — every year, people from our four different congregations all get together for a day of hog roast, lawn games, worship and teaching, inflatable slides, baptisms, communion, facepainting, ice creams, thanksgiving for the past year…and a huge afternoon tea baked and served entirely by church people to other church people. Guess who gets to coordinate serving the afternoon tea to a 300-strong family with her housemate 😉 It was crazy the first two years, but now I love it. Pray for sunshine!

Have a good weekend — go find some afternoon tea yourself!

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