a lot of pointless grappling with the silly wordpress interface (although it’s more than likely that all this trouble is because i’m shit with computerse – for some reason my previous entry has disappeared, and then become a draft, and is probably now scheduled for release at some yonder date, although it’s already been published once before). i’m waiting for my plane, which will be in thirty minutes, at narita airport, and i was thinking of writing a pretty long essay, but this terminal requires 100 yen per ten minutes, and i just spent the better part of an hour drinking beer, eating sausages, and dying from a justin bieber remix that an otherwise english-pub-looking restaurant decided would be good to blast over the stereo. so i’ll leave the serious stuff to when i get back to singapore (need the time to organise my thoughts, anyway), and meanwhile suggest anyone interested to watch mitchell and web on youtube. looking forward to singapore in less than 7 hours, but already missing japan in this departure lounge.

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