because I am in a hungry mood…

…here are some weekend food links:

Peanut butter and chocolate — they sing, they jive, they do a little twirl. You want this fudgey smudgey brownie version.

Three words: O. Kono. Miyaki. I have been down a few streets in Japan where there literally were ONLY okonomiyaki restaurants. Please God, there had better be one of those streets in heaven. BIG LOVE. (Also, homemade yogurt panna cotta with walnuts and honey. WHAT.)

You want something festively weekendy to wash it all down with.

If you get hangry, maybe you need some of these.

And finally, dishes that grandmothers around the world make (including a few surprises!). My grandmother would make these ngoh hiang (Hokkien meat rolls) that were just out of this world. We once asked her what her secret was, and bearing in mind that this is a super traditional Hokkien recipe involving all kinds of only-in-Asia ingredients, she grinned and said…

ngoh hiang

Ngoh hiang (Hokkien meat rolls)

“…Jacob’s cream crackers.”

Cracks me up every time.

Happy weekend, guys!

(Photo from here – and a recipe too. With thanks.)

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