yellow and limpid

you know it’s gonna be a screwball day when the first articles on your newsfeed are this, and then this.  the first case is clearly one for the darwin awards (though there’s a japanese criminal case where the victim hired someone to stab him in the stomach so he could climax in the midst of extreme pleasurable pain… similar mindset, probably).  the second – well, i just came back from a weekend in hong kong, and quite unfortunately did write a rather scathing facebook post on the ‘f–king duck’ (“i reserve this extreme expletive for it because i do not understand why humans would be so taken by a fat sneering duck shitting in a bay, and why we would in our insane masses clamber over each other to take photos of it, first its expansive face and then its insouciant arse”).  now that it looks like scrambled egg on blue jello i do feel a tweak of regret for having been so harsh; but no, still no sympathy for the lady who ‘took time off from work just to see the duck’.  it may be a masterful installation, it may be playfulness epitomized, it may certainly be art – whatever that is nowadays.  but having all of us maul each other just to get a glimpse of it says volumes about our infatuations and the sad modus vivendi that gave birth to them.



(photo credit:

in other news, this.  where honduras gets worse el salvador apparently gets better – i read somewhere that the mafia leaders there are in the middle of a truce.  hope it stays that way.

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