We’ve got our hearts on safe

I woke up today filled with a strange sort of grief that I was here and this is now, for no clear reason other than today, I read something about an old friend that showed me how far away her life was from mine, and how we both were so far away from the people we used to be.

So today, I choose to focus on things that make me, if not quite happy, then, at least, grateful.

This is beautiful:
Bi Kidude obituary | Music | The Guardian

These are defiant, in a “Well, we’re on the brink already” kind of way:

BBC News – How flash mob flamenco took on the banks.

In Spain they are all indignados nowadays | Katharine Ainger | Comment is free | The Guardian.

This is deeply, deeply moving:

Utøya massacre survivors: ‘I bear my scars with dignity’ – in pictures | Art and design | The Observer.

I want to be this photographer’s friend:

BBC News – The fashion world’s silver stylistas.

Also, I watched Lincoln, which I genuinely enjoyed, but I found the character I was most interested in to be Thaddeus Stevens played by Tommy Lee Jones. He seems to have been a man who truly tried to live by his beliefs. Wonder when we’ll get a movie about him.

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