at the end of the week, a little hope.

It’s not been a very encouraging week in the world, has it? I was up in Manchester on a fundraising training course when the indescribably awful bombs blew up in Boston, and lots of my classmates there (being fundraisers) knew people running the London Marathon this weekend. So there was a lot of uncertainty and anxiety.

But the London Marathon is going ahead anyway, this Sunday. The security forces and police have done a ton of extra work. Prince Harry is coming. And Mo Farah is running. And so are about 37,500 other people.

Wilson Kipsang, the defending champion, has declared that he is going to have no fear during the race; that “we are going to run feeling free”.

I love that. I love the refusal to be scared, and the deciding to live that out, by actually turning up and actually running. Go people.


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